1/32 Slot Cars

These popular slot cars are a 1:32 ratio of a full-sized vehicle, making them twice as large as HO (1/64) scale slot cars. This ratio is quite common, meaning there is a wide range of 1/32 scale slot cars, tracks, and sets available for your racing pleasure. Additionally, 1/32 slot cars are commonly used in organized racing events and competitions, from casual club races to more competitive tournaments.

What Skill Level Are 1/32 Scale Slot Cars Ideal For?

When it comes to slot cars, 1/32 scale is suitable for a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. For beginners, 1/32 scale slot cars can provide a good starting point. The cars are larger than HO scale, which can make them easier to handle and control, especially for individuals who may have larger hands or prefer a more substantial feel.

Intermediate and advanced enthusiasts also enjoy 1/32 slot cars for their performance capabilities and customization options. These cars typically have more detailed bodies and higher-quality components, allowing for greater speed and handling. There are a myriad of 1/32 scale parts and accessories too, so hobbyists can upgrade motors, tires, gears, and other parts to optimize the performance of their cars.

Which 1/32 Slot Car Brand is Best?

Scalextric is a legacy 1/32 scale slot car brand that makes replicas of well-known vehicles for racing. The company was founded in the UK and has since upgraded its models to create the most modern racing systems. Top Gear, a popular BBC show, featured them heavily when recreating an iconic track.

One Ferrari classic is the Scalextric Ferrari 412P 1967 Daytona 1/32 Slot Car. This analog car is based on a 1967 model from that year’s Brand Hatch. It also has magnatraction which gives you an extra boost.

If you’re looking for a bold racing model, we recommend the Scalextric McLaren 720S Police Car 1/32 Slot Car. This police car has working lights and a siren, and is compatible with a digital conversion chip, meaning you can match it with digital Scalextric sets.

Improve Your 1/32 Scale Slot Car Racing With RC Superstore

RC Superstore wants everyone to hit the road, albeit on a smaller scale. Our selection of premium 1/32 slot cars will make you feel like you’re in NASCAR—without ever having to leave your home! We have access to the top brands in the RC vehicle industry and the know-how to back it up. So if you’re unsure which models will best suit your racing habits, reach out to our team today.