Traxxas Spartan

The Traxxas Spartan boat is exactly what you need to increase your enjoyment on the water. It can reach speeds of higher than 50 MPH. Stainless steel drive controls complement the clean modern hull design, while promising durability with the waterproof electronics. They run on the TQi 2.4 GHz radio system, which will ensure you have precision control over the boat no matter the circumstances.

Traxxas Spartan Upgrades

If you have gone beyond the basics of a Traxxas Spartan speedboat, then we recommend experimenting with upgrades. That way you can gain an advantage during a race, or reduce the resistance that comes from the waves.

The Traxxas Tool Set is the first item you need to make your upgrades. This particular set comes with the wrenches, screwdrivers, and nut drivers that you need for customized adjustments. Try out the different sizes for various repairs, and the ratcheted handle on the wrench makes it easy to get done quick. Carry your tools to the racecourse easily with the zippered pouch.

Add a set of Hot Racing Spartan Aluminum Adjustable Turn Finsto improve the appearance and performance on the water. For even more tunability, add the Hot Racing Adjustable Trim Tabs as well.

The optional Bluetooth Wireless Module will give you additional radio tuning options. It works with Androids and Apple products, so you can connect with your iPad or smartphone without a problem. This also allows you to add telemetry sensors to get your speed, battery voltage, and RPM displayed on your smart device. You can have your race team monitoring the boat and checking its performance while you focus on the course.

Traxxas Boat Parts

A good RC boat racer will know how to conduct repairs on the fly. That way you can replace a motor, fix a propeller, and ensure that you will always be ready for any event on the water. You can also increase the lifespan of your Traxxas Spartan.

Always have a spare tube of Traxxas Marine Grease on hand to keep the flexshaft in good condition. It should be lubricated after every few runs. Proper RC boat maintenance will extend the life of your Spartan and prevent breakdowns on the water.

Keep your water-cooling system running, also to keep your boat from overheating in the middle of a race. The Traxxas Spartan & M41 Water Cooling Tubing measures at one meter, meaning that you have more than enough to re-plumb your Spartan should the original tubing get plugged up. Having this in stock will ensure you always have efficiency in an innovative water cooling system.

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