Traxxas Blast

The Traxxas Blast is designed for ease of use and a low learning curve for RC boat hobbyists. With a ready-to-run design and assembled with printed graphics, every user can get on the water as soon as they receive their model. The blast delivers Traxxas speed, a trademark with its powerful water-cooled Stinger motor. Our model comes with a quick charger so that you always have power on hand. The price is also lower than those from other RC boats so as to lower the barrier that other hobbies may have.

When you want a brand that cares for your performance and learning experience, then Traxxas is the one for you. The engineers design each vehicle so that any beginner can master, and that intermediates and experts will find easy to upgrade.

Traxxas Blast Parts

When you want to keep your boat on the water instead of waiting to re-charge, the EZ-Peak Dual iD NiMH & LiPo Battery Charger is easy to use. You only need to insert the necessary batteries, press start and wait. This charger will handle up to 8 amps of power, which is great when you are charging two batteries at once.

Always ensure that you have extra batteries on hand for additional run-time. The Traxxas 6-Cell 7.2V 4200mAh iD NiMH Battery Pack will increase the run-time of your Blast, keeping you or the kids on the water longer.

Each part of the Traxxas Blast ensures that you receive a convenient, high-quality experience at an affordable price. Waterproof electronics promise that no lake, ocean or pool will short out your electronics. The installed water cooling system will also prevent overheating so that you can keep racing from one battery to the next. You receive precision control to handle any choppy weather at a great distance. Use the TQ 2.4GHz radio system to control your ride over the waves.

Traxxas Upgrades

Are you ready to refine your radio system with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)? Then try the Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz 4-Ch w/Wireless Module which works via Bluetooth and can connect to Apple devices and Android phones.

TSM helps keep the vehicle track through choppy or rough waves with more agility.The wireless module increases your ability to adjust the sensitivity of the controls, maximum speed, and more, all from your smart device using the Traxxas Link app.

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