How would you like to go from 0-100 MPH in less than five seconds? Better yet, how would you like to do that without having to modify a single screw on your car? It’s very possible in the remote control car world with expert-level cars like the XO-1.

The Traxxas XO-1 has a top speed over 100 MPH out of the box with optional Power Cell LiPo batteries, which is how it earned its reputation as the fastest production RC car. Never suffer a loss of control as the XO-1 is designed to handle slippery surfaces. Use the Traxxas Stability management to stay on track, and take advantage of this pre-built Ready To Race (RTR) supercar.

Parts & Batteries For Any Skill Level

Eventually, you'll want to trick yours out and make upgrades. That way you can gain that much-needed speed and flashy looks. Take a look at all these hot parts from RC Superstore.

On top of the Power Cell LiPo battery packs, there are a number of chargers you can get to give your XO-1 a little more time out racing. Consider beefy 8,400mah battery packs and speedy EZ-Peak Dual Live chargers so you won't have to wait around on the course once you're out of juice.

You won't want to end up behind all your buddies on the course either, invest in a few extra packs so you can swap them in and out whenever you're running low.

Consider throwing a tool kit into your pit bag as well, so you can always have ready access to the chassis and any other parts of the undercarriage that need a little tightening.

Traxxas XO-1 RC Supercar & Upgrades

Even the best stock parts can be replaced with excellent aftermarket alternatives to get just a bit more performance out of Traxxas' premier supercar. Higher torque servos and brushless motors can help you keep your vehicle competitive with everything else that comes on the market.

You may want to consider adding additional tires using only Traxxas approved adhesive compounds. It's good to keep some of this in your bag as well since you never know when you might need to re-glue the tires to withstand punishing high-speed runs.

While the XO-1's build quality is nearly legendary at this point, everything eventually does wear out. This is especially true if you're a competitive driver who consistently pushes your vehicle to the limit.

Upgrade parts are also perfect for restoring an older XO-1 that might be sitting around in the shop these days. You can find almost enough aftermarket parts to do a complete rebuild of the production car.

Regardless of what kind of driving you plan on doing, you can be sure that certified parts are all made to the same specifications that Traxxas makes its stock components. As a result, you'll be upgrading your vehicle the same way that the manufacturer would. You can leave compatibility issues and technical problems in the dust.

Find Your Traxxas XO-1 At RC Superstore

Nobody knows the importance of saving time like racers, so you don't want to waste any more than you need to look for the fastest model on four wheels.The RC world is not just for experts only; anyone can pick up a remote and get started.
Contact RC Superstore today so you can get all the parts and gear you need to stay ahead of the pack whenever you're on the track. Don't forget to keep a few extra components on hand. Even if you're too cautious of a racer to wear things out, there's always a chance your fellow drivers might be in need!