Unlimited Desert Racer

When you get a pro scale truck from Traxxas like the Unlimited Desert Racer, you’re making an investment in the future. You’ll be able to continue to drive this model for quite some time, and all you’ll need to keep it out on the tracks or running off-road paths are a few extra parts.

At RC Superstore, we’ve gotten plenty of requests for replacement components that fit Unlimited Desert Racer vehicles. Naturally, we’ve responded by putting together this collection. Take a look at the parts below and chances are that you’ll find something that you can use on both serious and hobbyist tracks.

Add-ons & Replacements for Unlimited Desert Racer Trucks

Perhaps the motor is the number one component that model RC vehicle drivers are looking to replace. If you’ve had one go out on you, then consider using a high-quality aftermarket Sensored brushless motor kit so you can be sure that you’re replacing the existing running equipment with something that is going to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s initial specifications. Assuming that the mounts are good, consider also adding a heatsink motor mount in place to help reduce the amount of potential heat that your vehicle has to dissipate to the air around it.

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer trucks are designed to be driven pretty fast, which means that the motor is going to naturally get put under a fair amount of stress. Fortunately, it’s designed to take quite a beating in this respect. That being said, you’re going to want to keep a few extra motor parts around just in case something happens, especially if you’re a serious racer.

Traxxas UDR Parts & Upgrades

You’ll also want to consider having a complete center differential module on hand. Unlike a full-sized automobile, you can easily swap out the differential in a Desert Racer, which makes it easy to maintain. Nevertheless, it’s designed much like those that go in actual trucks so you’re not really sacrificing anything in the way of realism.

Eventually, you’ll probably want to change the color of your vehicle. There’s also a chance that you might bang up a truck body shell while you’re out on the course. If this happens, then you’d consider a Desert Racer Blue Traxxas Edition Painted Body kit. These are a great way to make any model look like it’s a gorgeous limited edition regardless of whatever paint scheme your initial truck had come with.

Sizing Parts to Your Traxxas Vehicle

The engineering and design team from Traxxas has done their best to make it easy to exchange different parts and swap out certain components when needed. Simply match the model and body style of your vehicle with the parts you’re looking at. The process is much easier than it might be if you were working with a model that required custom-built or tailored components. When you want to learn more about a particular device, simply contact us online and we’ll get you the information you need to find the right one.