Traxxas Rustler 2WD XL 5 VXL

Traxxas Rustler

The Traxxas Rustler is a great option for when you want a powerful radio-controlled (RC) model to start with. Notice how we specifically refer to powerful RC vehicles; while you can get started with more casual models that you can pilot around the house, the Traxxas Rustler XL-5 line of entry-level RC monster trucks is part of a ready-to-run (RTR) package that can get you out of the house and onto off-road surfaces such as dirt, sand, mud, and even puddles.

The waterproof electronics of the Rustler ensure you can take it out on just about any day of the year, and it will even survive the occasional rain or snowstorm. Fear no slush or shallow creeks. You own the road, the track, and any stray mud that splatters your way.

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Let’s review some of the Rustler models and parts available from the RC Superstore:

Traxxas Rustler XL-5

The Traxxas Rustler XL-5 RTR RC Truck w/ID Battery & Quick Charger is one of the best starting vehicles in the RC hobby. There was a time when drivers started off with RC models to run on smooth surfaces before moving to outdoor surfaces, but this was when RC monster trucks required a considerable investment plus many hours on the workbench. The Rustler is a full RTR vehicle, which means that it is geared towards beginners who wish to get their wheels dirty right out of the box.

The battery pack has an ID connector, making it safe and easy to use. We love it for families because kids can easily learn the ropes with radio control despite the higher performance of this model. You can drive at up to thirty-five miles per hour with confidence because of the quality speed control. Want to let a beginner drive? Put it in the Traxxas-exclusive Training Mode for lower speeds while they learn.

Traxxas Rustler VXL

Another option is the Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless RTR RC Truck that can go above seventy miles per hour with the included high-speed gears and our 3S LiPo Combo Package. The Traxxas Stability Management is meant to help you navigate loose and slippery surfaces so that you maintain control in the heat of the moment. A brushless motor ensures that you have low maintenance and you are equipped for extreme performance and speed.

EZ-Peak Dual Battery Charger

When you need a good battery charger, we have just the one for you. The Traxxas EZ-Peak Dual iD NiMH & LiPo Battery Charger will power up your iD batteries while ensuring that you can keep your vehicle on the road for a good long while. You just simply need to plug in two batteries and hit the switch, while checking the progress bar as it charges. It also makes a great gift for any Traxxas fan so that they can maintain their batteries as well, so wrap it up for any occasion.

Ready To Race

The best part of the Traxxas Rustler is that it is great for any beginner. It is a ready-to-run or RTR vehicle, which means that no assembly is required. You simply need to add some batteries or charge yours, and the truck will be good to go in the mud. All it takes is a quick charge and you’re ready to race, whether at the track or in your backyard.

A Traxxas Rustler is also built for speed and strength on a budget. When you want to get started on racecourses to test your skills with the radio, then you should get a Rustler and see what you can do. If racing the Rustler VXL, check out the ESC cooling fan designed to prevent excess overheating, so that you can drive for hours on end. Modifying your Rustler with parts and accessories is easy; all you need is to select the right item from our catalog and use a toolkit for RC models.

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When you are ready to take your RC hobby to the next level, we suggest you advance from stadium trucks to monster trucks such as those in the rest of the Traxxas 4×4 lineup. RC Superstore wants to get you on the road to show off your skills. You can hit the ground running with our cars, trucks, boats and more. All you need is the starting model, and parts if you want to perform some upgrades. Contact us today to get your first RC vehicle or advice on how to make upgrades. You will be thrilled to see how well you master the road, and how to handle the muddiest days. Traxxas will always be the way to go.