Traxxas Bandit XL-5 & VXL

Don’t you just love having more choices in life? Well, with the Traxxas Bandit you can enjoy both on-road and off-road options with the same line of ready-to-race RC car models. The Bandit’s sleek chassis is legendary in the industry and has a low center-of-gravity that gives you extremely sharp handling and great top speed.

Traxxas Bandit

At RC Superstore, we’ve made sure to put together a great collection of Traxxas Bandit options that should keep you in first place out on the track. Some of these come ready to run while others give you the full freedom to customize every last part of the driving experience. Get ready to run the extreme sports buggy.

Take a look at the Traxxas Bandit XL-5, which comes in a convenient 1/10 scale size. Simply add a battery and charger, which are completely interchangeable with several of Traxxas’ other models, and you’re ready to go. It’s really that easy to go. Since it uses high-efficiency MOSFET transistors and a Magnum 272 three-gear ball bearing-driven transmission, you can be sure that you’re driving the latest technology each time you put your fingers on the controls.

In fact, some models even come more complete than this. This is ideal for those who might not have any gear as of yet.

VXL Bandits are equally as customizable, especially when the TQi Link-Enabled Radio System. Traxxas Stability Management gives these vehicles the power to stay upright even in situations when they might not otherwise be able to. They are even capable of speeds over 70 MPH, so you’ll certainly want something helping you keep them upright.

Traxxas Bandit Upgrades And Parts

Once you’re invested in a genuine Traxxas Bandit, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for tons of cool accessories. Traxxas’ designers haven’t left drivers out to dry, either. They’ve put together extra battery packs and chargers, which can help to ensure that you have plenty of power while you’re out on the track.

You’ll also find things like waterproof and metal-geared servos, which are an important upgrade for anyone who is going to be going through any amount of looser earth or wetter material. Considering how common this can be for off-road drivers, it’s not hard to imagine that this has become a popular upgrade.

Extra controllers, shocks and other replacement parts are always a necessity for anyone doing real driving. On top of this, you’ll want to make sure you get a speed bit kit so you can be sure that you’ll have the tools you’ll need on hand for any occasion. These come with most of what you’ll need to swap things out in your car.

Find The Traxxas Bandit That Fits Your Driving Style At RC Superstore

RC Superstore is the leading expert on Traxxas RTR vehicles. Ask our experts about how you can get a modified motor, or which models work best for your amateur or professional skill set. We believe anyone can learn to run an RTR vehicle.

With so many different options, you might not be sure which one is ideal for you. In this case, use our convenient online contact form and we’ll help you find the perfect car that meets your driving style as well as your personal sense of aesthetics. After all, Traxxas is always putting out crazy new paint schemes that’ll be sure to get your attention as well as the attention of everyone else out there.