Engineered. Tested. Built to a higher standard. The Sledge is made to exceed your expectations for quality, toughness, and fun. The rock-solid chassis, massive steel drivetrain, ferocious 6s power, and race-inspired handling leave everything else in the dust.

At RC Superstore, we’ve done our best to keep our finger on the pulse of everything that Traxxas has come out with. They’re constantly revising their product line and putting together new pieces of equipment. As a result, those who own existing pieces of gear might want to invest in some simple upgrade kits to help bring their current rides up to date.

Traxxas Sledge Upgrades

Looking for replacement parts? Naturally, some serious racers will want to focus exclusively on speed. There are plenty of pieces of Traxxas and aftermarket parts that can dramatically improve the overall performance of your vehicle, so you’ll want to take a few moments to look through everything that Traxxas has to offer for those who exclusively use Sledge model trucks out on the track. Best of all, you’ll be able to find plenty of gear that’s designed in particular for use with off-road operations.

If you’re looking for any specific upgrades or something special, make sure to contact us online today.