4-TEC 2.0

The 4-TEC 2.0 serves all of your RC racing needs. Would you like to drive over 70 mph the next time you’re out on the track racing against your buddies? Would you also like to do it with a vehicle that has a ton of aftermarket and replacement parts readily available?

Although we don’t like to assume, it’s easy to say that the answer is probably yes for the vast majority of RC enthusiasts! Traxxas designed the 4-TEC 2.0 XL-5 and VXL cars with these two goals in mind. Just like a real-life Gran Turismo car, the 1/10-scale 4-TEC 2.0 is capable of maintaining higher speeds while still being quite maneuverable, and of course, has the legendary manufacturer and aftermarket support for which Traxxas products are known.

RC Superstore has made sure to carry all of the parts you’ll need to race one of these cars all over the track. Get a crisp responsive feel and full 2.4GHz control over your ride.

Traxxas Mustang GT Is Built For Speed

When Traxxas’ engineering team put together their Mustang GT, they took the prototype as an inspiration for their model. As a result, it has many of the same characteristics you’d expect from an actual Ford. To appeal to as many potential drivers as possible, they’ve put together several different 4-TEC 2.0 vehicle packages. These include the following options:

Traxxas 1/10 Ford GT AWD Supercar

While you might say that this is the AWD version of the classic Ford GT, it’s hard to believe that anyone would consider such a high-performance vehicle a classic. After all, it’s constantly in flux and there are so many aftermarket alterations you can make to it.

It’s easy to assume that no two Ford GT Supercars are identical! Make sure to stock up on some extra parts so you can tackle even loose tracks with a little extra speed and a ton of extra style.

Traxxas 4-TEC 2.0 Ford Mustang GT

The 4-TEC 2.0 Ford Mustang comes with a Ready-To-Race design, meaning that it’s pre-assembled. Just add a 7-cell NiMH or 2S LiPo battery and you’re ready to hit the track.

Once you get some potential upgrade ideas, you’ll have plenty of parts to choose from. We also have a full selection of replacement parts for the times the racing gets a little rough.

Traxxas 4-TEC 2.0 VXL Upgrades & Parts

NiMH and LiPo chargers or batteries are more than likely going to be the first aftermarket parts most drivers buy. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of spare tires if you plan on doing any kind of advanced racing, however.

Official Traxxas parts are renowned for their durability, but we have a feeling that you’ll be more than a little tempted to push your vehicle to the limits time and time again. The design allows for easy maintenance to become a regular routine.

On top of this, you might want to consider putting together a kit of useful things to keep on hand. Traxxas makes entire tool sets that are small enough to bring with you to any racing facility. That being said, they still include everything you’re likely to need.

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