1/10 Rally

At one point before the 1/10 Rally, remote control rally cars only looked the part. While they were every bit as attractive as their prototypical real-life counterparts, they didn’t have the radio system or performance you’d need to win on the track. As a result, most RC rally cars never made it far.

Today, things are much different. Traxxas 1/10 Rally cars are a blast whether you’re racing on loose earth or an actual purpose-made course. As a result, you’ll want to think a bit more about the kind of vehicle you’re currently driving and whether an upgrade is in order. Switching to a modern Rally car from RC Superstore is the perfect way to ensure that the checkered flag always stays in sight.

Best RC Rally Car

When shopping for the best RC rally car for your particular type of driving, you’ll definitely want to keep the Ford Fiesta ST 1/10 from Traxxas in mind. You can use the model’s waterproof electronics to handle any weather.

Over time, Traxxas has developed something of a reputation for putting together excellent custom bodies that you’re able to add whatever parts you’d like to with a couple of tools. As a result, you might be surprised to learn that the Fiesta ST comes completely ready to race. Just add your choice of 7-cell NiMh or 2S LiPo battery to hit the course.

The 1/10 Ford Fiesta ST RTR it an attractive option for those who want to drive just as soon as the batteries are charged. That being said, you’ll have more than enough options to pick from if you’d prefer to put together something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Traxxas has also made sure to put out plenty of parts that should meet the needs of those who want to have some spares in case something happens out on the track.

Traxxas Rally Upgrades & Parts

Even the top World Rally Championship drivers occasionally need to make some modifications to their rides, so it makes sense that RC racers will also want to have some spare parts on hand. Though you might not have your own pit crew technicians to install the gear, Traxxas’ tool kits make doing all the work yourself a breeze.

Stock Traxxas equipment is extremely durable. You’ll be able to use it for quite some time before it necessitates replacement. In fact, casual drivers might find that some individual components actually outlast the lifespan of their chosen car.

Having a few pieces on hand in case there’s an accident is never a bad idea, however. In fact, those who demand the best performance out of their rides often enjoy swapping out some of their ball bearings and battery packs with parts that squeeze even more speed out of them.

Extra batteries are often a good idea for those who tend to drive a great deal anyway. When you start to put some extra miles in, you’ll want to have an extra pack charged up so you don’t have to wait each time you wear your current one down. Simply take the old one out and swap a fresh one in. You’ll be able to drive your 1/10 rally car for hours using this simple method.

Find Your Remote Control RC Car At RC Superstore

RC Superstore wants to outfit your ride, on the 1/10 scale. You can find models from Traxxas, and the parts to make necessary upgrades. Decide when you’re ready to upgrade to a brushless power system, or just pick up a few spare parts to keep the fun alive.
When you’re ready to learn more about the cars that are out there, contact us online. See what RC Superstore has in stock today.