RTR RC Cars & Ready-to-Run RC Trucks at RC Superstore

Anyone can appreciate the thrill of the road, but sometimes we have no space or permission to go racing, or we lack the time to attend a monster truck show. We may be understandably wary about driving on the highway as some people forget the rules of the road and switch lanes without signaling.

We become weary of inserting the key into the ignition and trying to beat traffic on a regular basis. Radio controlled cars and remote-controlled cars allow us to drive for fun, and with complete safety.

When the daily commute makes us lament traffic, RTR cars and trucks can remind us why driving is a thrill. You also won’t get pulled over by a cop for any speeding tickets, or risk road rage from other drivers.

What is “RTR” in the RC Vehicle Community?

Radio-controlled cars and RTR RC trucks are considered “RTR” when they come “Ready-to-Run” out of the box.

These RCs vehicles immediately provide exceptional performance with no assembly required.

Better still, just because they are ready-to-run doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade components for a meaner ride in the future.

The Benefits of RTR Radio-Controlled Vehicles

RTR RC vehicles are the ideal choice for beginners that want to kick-up dust and tear up the roads from day one, without the stress of false starts and delayed races. They are easier to master and require almost no time to get them on the road.

RTR cars that are rated at intermediate and expert level are great for experienced RC owners who just want to test different platforms without starting from scratch. Whether you race for speed, or ride for the obstacles, you can find a ready-to-run vehicle that’s perfect for you at RC Superstore.

Our electric or nitro-powered ready-to-run RC cars are great when you mostly want to drive the cars, and only upgrade them once in a while. If you want to avoid blisters from clutching screwdrivers too tightly or assembling parts that take a while to fit into the right places, these finished models will do the job quite well.

Which is better for you: nitro or electric RC cars?

At RC Superstore, we offer a diverse catalog of the best RTR RCs on the market. However, you must consider your options and the distinct advantages (or disadvantages) that they have.

For instance, you need to charge your electric car’s batteries, while nitro engines require specific fuel and more maintenance. We recommend that beginners start with electric cars and then switch to nitro when they feel more confident in their RC driving abilities.

Are you just learning how to shift gears? We have great models for beginners.

One of our most popular ready-to-run trucks is the Traxxas Sledge Brushless RTR Monster Truck.

The waterproof electronics mean that you can drive this car in any weather conditions — just don’t crash it into a lake, to be on the safe side.

Savor the rugged road with that first test drive, and all the adventures that will follow.

Want a rugged RC monster truck that’s ready to dominate the course?

The Traxxas BIGFOOT Classic resembles the kind of trucks that you would see at monster truck rallies.

If you have fond memories of your childhood, then this car is for you.

Check the details on this scale truck, and see how far you can go off-road.

Do you want a model closer to home?

Browse our top-selling Traxxas and LaTrax vehicles. We’re confident you won’t find a better selection of RTR vehicles online than our line, which includes electric replicas of Ford GTs, Mustangs, Broncos, Land Rovers, and more.

They are at 1/10 scale of these models, with accurate details. Be sure to check out the RTR monster truck and car product pages for complete specs and product features.

Stay Ready to Race with RTR RC Cars from RC Superstore

At RC Superstore, we offer the perfect RTR vehicles for any beginner or expert. Our customer service can make recommendations based on your skill level and which models will provide the most fun.

We also sell the car parts that you can use when you want bigger wheels or a custom body. Some cars and RTR remote control trucks can reach speeds of 45+ MPH out of the box, and with a simple pinion gear change or LiPo batteries, some can go beyond 100 MPH!

If you have families or community events, we can even recommend which kits, parts, and trucks are good for children. To find the perfect ready-to-run, remote control vehicle for you, reach out to us today.