Nitro/ Gas Engines

RC enthusiasts who have been flying for more than a decade are split about what has been happening in the hobby with regard to gas and electric airplanes. There was a time when nitro and gas RC planes were praised for their superior speed and power, but electronics and battery technology has advanced to the point that electric RC models are quickly catching up.

At RC Superstore, we believe that nitro and gas RC airplanes are still significant in the hobby. This is why we carry engines and parts for these models.

Nitro And Gas RC Airplane Engines

The RC Superstore carries the following engines for RC airplanes:

Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke

Nitro RC airplane pilots will tell you that Saito is the most reliable manufacturer of model engines. Located in the industrial and technology corridor of the Chiba prefecture, the Saito Seisakusho Company is considered a Takumi enterprise, which in Japanese means master artisan.

Since 1949, Saito has specialized in miniature engineering and precision machining. The new Saito .82 AAC four-stroke engine has a redesigned case that will fit models previously equipped with a .75 case, but the power to weight ratio has been considerably upgraded and equipped with a muffler that delivers the satisfying sound familiar to all gas RC pilots.

Saito 100 FA-AAC 4-Stroke

This engine packs serious power for .60 gas RC airplanes. Not only do you get additional RPM by the hundreds but also a retooled case that will fit many existing engine mounts.

RC Airplane Gas Engines And Kits

Aside from Saito engines, the RC Superstore also carries glow plugs and other parts that can be made into upgrade and repair kits for gas airplanes.

OS #8 Glow Plug

This medium-hot plug for two-stroke engines will fit all standard models. The threads measure 1/4-32. Check our catalog from time to time to find other Hangar 9 and OS plugs for your gas engines.

Nitro RC Airplanes

Even though electric RC airplanes have come a long way, we are still far from seeing a decline of interest in nitro and gas models; in fact, we will likely see a wave of nostalgia hitting the hobby over the next few years, and a lot of this has to do with the hands-on aspect of gas RC models. Internal combustion engines require maintenance and improvements; this translates into more time and flexibility at the workbench. There will always be a special place in the hearts of RC airplane pilots for gas and nitro models.

Learn More About RC Airplane Nitro And Gas Parts From RC Superstore

Ever since we started off as a family-owned business in 2002, RC Superstore has grown its online catalog to include more than just radio-controlled cars and trucks. Our store also carries airplanes, boats, drones, slot cars, kits, parts, and accessories. We are proud to carry some of the most renowned brands in the RC hobby world, and our reward points program keeps many customers coming back.
Should you have any questions about the nitro and gas engines and parts listed herein, please feel free to contact our office in Minnesota. From RC cars to planes, we have your back.

  • Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler (New Case)

    Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler (New Case)

    This is the Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine with Muffler (New Case) Features Redesigned crankcase adds to the durability of the engine with no change in performance Outstanding power-to-weight ratio Same size case as the Saito .72 SpecificationsType:...
  • Saito FA-125A AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler

    Saito FA-125A AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler

    This is the Saito FA-125A 4-Stroke Model Airplane Engine with Muffler.  This weighs a full 10 ounces less than the older Saito 120 engine, but it still has even more power!  This is what you need if you want serious aerobatic performance...
  • Saito 100 FA-AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler

    Saito 100 FA-AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler

    This is the Saito FA-100 AAC 4-Stroke Engine with Muffler. The new Saito 100 out-performs the smaller 91, as well as the O.S. 91. These engine sound great, and they make the perfect powerplant for .60-size warbirds and sport planes. This engine has a...
  • OS Type F 4-Stroke Glow Plug (Medium)

    OS Type F 4-Stroke Glow Plug (Medium)

    This is the OS Type F 4-Stroke Glow Plug.  The OS Max #F Glow Plug is designed epecially for OS Max and other brand Four-Stroke R/C Engines. Features: Specially shielded long-reach plug for use in O.S. (and other) four stroke engines...
  • OS #8 Glow Plug (Medium Hot) for 2-Stroke Engines

    OS #8 Glow Plug (Medium Hot) for 2-Stroke Engines

    This is the OS #8 Glow Plug for 2-Stroke R/C Engines.  The O.S. #8 glow plug is the most widely used O.S. glow plug.  This works with most 2-stroke aircraft engines, as well as some 2-stroke car and truck engines. Features: Medium heat range...
  • DLE Engines Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch V2.0 (DLEG9205)

    DLE Engines Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch V2.0

    This is the DLE Engines Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch V2.0.    Features Allows pilot to shut off their electronic ignition equipped gasoline engine from their transmitter Plugs into unused receiver port Fiber optically coupled to isolate...
  • Dynamite Large Scale Gas Engine Safety Kill Switch

    Dynamite Large Scale Gas Engine Safety Kill Switch

    This is the Dynamite Large Scale Gas Engine Safety Kill Switch. This switch allows you to cut the power to your engine from the third channel on your radio. It can also be used to cut power in the case of lost radio signal, low battery, or total...